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We are the exclusive agent for advertising displayed on the Breaking News website network. Of course we’re the exclusive agent because we own the network!

Our Breaking News website network currently consists of 72 local websites. We operate at least one website for each of the 50 United States as well as several regional sites such as We’ve tied all of our local breaking news websites together in our national website We also operate dozens of websites based on local area codes such as (New Hampshire), and,, and, which are the area codes for New Orleans.

We offer limited ad slots on our breaking news websites. We do not allow ads on our Home Page. There are two ad slots on every page and post. The ads are at the top and bottom of the pages and posts. Extremely long pages and posts may contain three ads. The middle ad slot is not available to rent because it is not regularly displayed. You may select the top or bottom ad slot only if both are available. Most advertisers want the top ad slot. If the top ad slot is already taken, your only choice is to run an ad in the bottom slot.

Our advertising rates are subject to change on the 1st of every month. As more subscribers join our breaking news network, the advertising rates will increase accordingly. If two or more advertisers want the same ad slot, the rate for the ad space will become an auction. The ad slot will be awarded to the highest bidder. For example, if Scott’s Landscaping has the top ad slot and is currently paying $650 per week, your bid for that spot must exceed $650. Both you and Scott’s Landscaping would then bid for the slot. Highest bidder wins the ad spot for the duration of the time frame.

Your ad will run on every post and comment page on our local, regional, or national website. The same ad will be displayed on every post and comment page. You’ve undoubtedly encountered websites that display a different ad on every page. We don’t operate that way. Our ads are limited to two per website – the top and bottom slots.


Local Breaking Sites Websites – These breaking news websites cover a specific area such as a state or area code. Ads displayed on one of our local breaking news websites will be displayed only to users of that particular website.

National Breaking News Website – Ads will appear on our national website, These ads are perfect for companies that do business in all 50 states, such as insurance companies, retail chains, restaurant chains, and legal firms that represent clients in all states.

Run-of-the-Network Ads – These elite ads are displayed on every website in our breaking news network. At the current time we operate 72 websites. A run-of-the-network ad would appear on all of our 72 breaking news websites, including the national website.

Advertising Rates
Our advertising rates are for 7 consecutive days, 14 consecutive days, or 30 consecutive days. Due to the time and coding required to set up the ads, we do not accept ads to run for less than 7 consecutive days. We do not charge per click or per impression. Ads run 24/7 during the contracted timeframe without limitations on clicks or impressions. Your ad will be shown in the top or bottom spot on every post and comment page on our website.

Local Breaking News Website Rates

  • 7 days – $650
  • 14 days – $1100
  • 30 days – $1950 Rates

  • 7 days – $2500
  • 14 days – $4250
  • 30 days – $7500

Run-of-the-Network Rates

  • 7 days – $9500
  • 14 days – $17,500
  • 30 days – $32,000

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