About Us

If we sound like assholes, oh well. We don’t advertise for new business and we rarely take on new clients. We’re probably one of the most selective marketing services and for good reason. We were working with PPCs before most of today’s marketing “gurus” were even out of high school.

Once up a time in a kingdom far, far away… we were advertising with Bing before it was Bing… before Yahoo became part of Bing… before Yahoo was Overture… before Overture even existed. If you really want to test an advertising expert’s knowledge, ask him to explain the history of Bing. If he doesn’t mention GoTo.com, he’s a newbie and hasn’t been in the market long enough to know shit! Some marketing companies claim they have 20 or even 30 years experience. Maybe if they add together the years of experience of all of their employees combined! Few people have been in the online advertising market longer than we have.

We’ve been handling paid advertising since 1998.  In case you’re not an advertising buff, Google also began in 1998. We’ve been in the advertising field longer than Google itself! 1998 was 13 years before Bing hit the Internet. We have more knowledge of Bing’s development over the years than most of the current Bing account managers.

Our in-house network of privately-operated websites generates over a million web search impressions per month. We own our search network and generate a ton of highly targeted, quality traffic. We do not sell or rent our traffic. It is for the exclusive benefit of our clients.

In addition to a network of almost 100 privately-operated websites, we also own the Breaking News website network. We anticipate that our Breaking News network will gain national attention by the end of 2016. We anticipate the Breaking News network breaking all records for tweets and Facebook posts. Sit back and watch us grow!

We operate our own stock photo company. DiehardImages.com has over 30,000 stock photos, to which we own the exclusive rights. Few advertising or marketing companies can brag about owning their own stock photo company. Our clients enjoy unlimited use of our stock photos.